Major Development In the Works for The Snuff District

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) – Plans are in the works to turn one industrial area into a hot spot for development.

What currently looks like a cluster of abandoned buildings at the corner of Keel Avenue and Front Street will soon be transformed into a vibrant area known as the Snuff District.

The former American Snuff Co. Plant will be transformed into a large mixed-use project complete with apartments, office and retail space along with 50 single family homes and a river walk.

Benjamin Orgel, Billy Orgel, Adam Slovis and Tom Marsh make up the ownership group for the project.

Jacob Steimer, commercial real estate reporter with the Memphis Business Journal, has been following the development in Uptown closely.

“I’m excited to see kind of how that neighborhood comes together with a mix of a lot of market rate stuff right next door to the affordable stuff,”

Jacob Steimer

In addition – Varsity Spirit, a multi-million dollar company that sells cheerleading and dance apparel, will move its headquarters to the Snuff District. By them deciding to go to the Snuff District – that really sets this development on the track to happen quickly and to be successful quickly,” Steimer said.

Overall, developers hope the project will create more jobs and create a new booming area in the community.

Steimer tells WMC Action News 5 that Varsity Spirit execs hope to be in the new building by fall 2021.